The Moon Landing






Moon Landing is a collaboration. A creative call to action because girls around the world do not have adequate resources surrounding their periods and its not blood that keeps girls from school, but suppression, shame and discomfort.

Young girls of the world, the most at-risk and untapped resource in the evolution of humanity, tip toe a covert dance between masks and moons. A red thread connects half of the world's population yet so few of us can untie the knots.

How many ways can our natural rhythms be used in an attempt to quiet us? Let us retaliate by learning the dance of embodiment to untangle these knots. 

Let us also open ourselves up to the young girls who now wear the masks of age, barely surviving on the streets of San Francisco who, too, deserve a little extra dignity with their periods, which is why we are here: to unite our community, to speak up, and celebrate.

When women are honored for the intrinsic awe that flows through our life giving blood, and when our bodies are made safe, not politicized -

The world will know beauty.